Test Your DR for REAL Durability with Oracle Flashback

Remember the old adage, “It doesn’t work until it is tested.”? This couldn’t be more true when considering your disaster recovery plan. Sure, we can test our database DR plan by switching over to our standby databases using the familiar DataGuard switchover method. This method is very much a controlled switchover where our standby database becomes the new primary database, the original database ...

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How to Overcome 4 RECOVERY Mistakes in Data DR

EVERYONE has Backup & Recovery tools, and strategies, and procedures, etc. for the moment when their business critical application and/or data goes down. And frankly, most of these setups have ZERO chance out of the gate at restoring services within the RPO and RTO SLAs set by the business. Why? Because organizations fail to understand and account for the unique technical, logistical, and, ...

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4 Tips to Reducing Hours Off Your Oracle EBS Upgrade

If you’re in the Oracle EBS upgrade scene, optimizing your cutover plan to minimize business downtime is probably not your highest priority. It’s stressful enough ensuring you get to the other side without breaking anything (..and thus keeping your job for another day).

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